Longhorn Neurotech is divided into three teams: Hardware, Software, and Research & Development. Each team is responsible for a different aspect of the project. The Hardware team is responsible for physical construction and proper use of the device, the Software team is responsible for the development of the software necessary to decode and utilize the physical signals, and the Research & Development team is responsible for coming up with intresting and new ways to approach our projects. You can find all documents to help you get started at Longhorn Neurotech on this page.

How To Join

  • Step 1: Fill out this form
  • Step 2: Join our slack and add yourself to channels that interest you
  • Step 3: Show up to meetings @ EER 1.632 on Wednesday 7-8 pm and Sunday 4-6 pm
  • Step 4: Start looking at the onboarding project! This will be different for hardware and software (see below)

General Resources

Educational Presentations:

This link contains presentations the team thinks are valuable effective participation in Longhorn Neurotech.

Opportunities Database:

Simply Neuroscience has compiled a database of over 1000 oppurtunities in the fields of neuroscience and psychology.


NeuroTechX is our parent organization. Read more about them here.

Project teams

Software Onboarding Packet:

If you are interested in joining the software team please check out this github repository. This repo has notebooks covering basics in machine learning and EEG signal processing.

Hardware Onboarding Packet:

If you are interested in joining the hardware team please check out this document.

R&D Onboarding Packet:

R&D packet is under construction.